Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is used as a tool to treat & fix physical issues that can arise from everyday activities, such as too much sitting, or in more physical jobs with lots of lifting or walking.

The process of massaging the muscles themselves has a significant effect on the nerves controlling the muscles, therefore helping them to relax. It’s not at all like ‘tearing apart’ the muscles to stretch them or ‘breaking down adhesions’ within the muscle, which is a commonly held belief. That said Deep tissue massage can be relatively pain free or even pleasant in some cases!

Does Deep tissue massage hurt?

As above, sometimes this sort of treatment to fix certain issues can be uncomfortable due to many factors, but it shouldn’t be painful. If a treatment is painful all you’ll end up with is a great deal of soreness for the next few days.

On top of this your nerves actually contract your muscles in response to painful stimuli so after a painful treatment your basically back to where you started with very little progress or effect. As a side note, every patient is different in terms of how much pressure needs to be applied to their muscles.

During your first treatment we will establish what pressure is right for you individually to ensure you get the absolute most from each treatment!

What’s involved in Deep tissue massage?

For your first visit we offer free initial consultations. This a 15 minute appointment that can be attached before your treatment so that we can have a chat about any problems that you are concerned about & then carry out a thorough assessment, using biomechanics & some movements to establish the root cause of your issue.

The treatments themselves, primarily involve the use of soft tissue techniques (deep tissue massage) & certain specific stretches that we are highly trained to offer! Deep tissue massage itself involves the massaging & kneading of the muscles themselves so you may need to be partially clothed at this stage during your treatment.

What is Deep tissue massage for?

Deep tissue massage is a great tool to use in order for us to fix certain conditions such as;

‘Tight’ or aching muscles
Back pain
Neck pain
Tendon or muscle tears
And many, many more!

So if you’re unsure if deep tissue massage can help send us a message by clicking below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Generally if you catch a condition early enough then deep tissue massage is fantastic for preventing the condition worsening further & actually speed up the recovery process.

The main reason people come in to see us for deep tissue massage is for minor aches & pains that people pick up from day to day stress & activities! Aching neck, shoulders, lower back, upper back, knees, feet, ankles all can benefit from deep tissue massage helping you feel more comfortable when you’re going about your day.

What’s the difference between relaxation massage & Deep tissue massage?

Relaxation massage generally involves less pressure to the muscles themselves & is usually very superficial in this respect. Relaxation massage is a great way of bringing blood to the surface of the skin & has a great effect on your mind allowing you to relax, whereas deep tissue tends to focus on certain areas a little more thoroughly in order to have a more powerful, focused effect on specific conditions.

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I’m totally convinced, I want a deep tissue massage now!

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