Poor Old Posture

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Poor Old Posture – mend Massage Therapy

How many times have we all been told to sit up straight and stop slouching. Well maybe Mum, Dad and the angry Drill Sergeant were right. Many of us can suffer from pain day to day. These problems can stem from poor posture, alignment and muscular imbalances.

If your work requires you to sit at a desk, in a vehicle or in an abnormal position for prolonged periods you could, over time, develop postural imbalances.

This imbalance can lead to common problems such as lower and upper back pain and also neck and shoulder issues.


All of these conditions are fully treatable!

Here at mend Massage Therapy we use a combination of soft tissue therapy, mobilisation, stretching and strengthening exercises to get you back up to speed with the added benefit of some postural awareness training to ensure the issue does not return, enabling you to carry out your everyday activities happy and pain free!

Drivers, office workers, labourers, tradesmen, tattooists and many more, can all benefit from postural awareness to combat and prevent pain throughout the working day.

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