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We’ve also created a series of FAQs to help you understand our service.

Please note: our previous address in Yaxley is now vacated.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you’re looking to find out more about the services we provide, or just want some clarification around the terms and conditions – you’ll likely find the answers below. If not, please do get in touch.

    What length of treatment is appropriate for me?

    We would advise that if you are unsure about the appropriate amount of treatment time for you, you should book an initial consultation. At consultation our therapist can advise you further on what length & type of treatment would be appropriate.

    Longer treatments such as 60 minutes are generally much more effective for larger or particularly problematic areas.

    Shorter treatments such as 30 minutes are more appropriate for small areas such as neck & shoulders or lower back.

    Is massage treatment appropriate for me?

    Massage can help with many different conditions along with reducing muscular tension, increasing flexibility & reducing pain. We would advise that if you are unsure if massage treatment could help you, you should book in for an initial consultation.

    At consultation our therapist can take a much better look at your condition, carry out tests, put together a thorough case history & advise if massage treatment would be appropriate for you.

    Can I cancel or change my session?

    Of course, when you book a treatment online or at our clinic you will receive a confirmation text message. If you follow the link you can manage, change & cancel your appointments online.

    The payment made for a session is fully refundable when you provide more than 24hrs notice to cancel.

    If less than 24hrs notice is given then the cost of the treatment is non-refundable.

    What conditions can massage treat?

    Massage can be incredibly effective treatment for soft tissue related & musculoskeletal issues arising from tension within muscles & restrictions in & around joints.

    Our Deep Tissue Massage page provides a relatively comprehensive list of conditions massage treatment can help with.

    What’s involved in a massage treatment?

    Our treatments are tailored to you but predominantly involve massage of the soft tissue (muscles & tendons), but also incorporate techniques including, soft & deep tissue massage & joint mobilisations.

    How many treatments will I need?

    We treat each of our patients as individuals as everyone reacts differently to treatment.

    For most conditions we strongly recommend a minimum of 3 separate treatments initially to ensure you get the most from the course of treatment.
    If you have a condition that has been ongoing for a number of years then the number of treatments must to reflect this in order to have the best effect.

    For acute or new conditions that are weeks to months old, we strongly recommend a minimum of 3 separate treatments in order to ensure we achieve the most from the course of treatment & your condition does not return quickly. Remember, 10 years of muscle tension can take some time to fix, so be realistic with the time it takes to undo!

    The key to treatment is consistency & frequency!

    Can I bring a chaperone?

    Of course, chaperones can be great if you’re feeling nervous or anxious about treatment & can provide great conversation as a bonus!

    All patients under 18 require a chaperone for every treatment.

    What type of massage is appropriate for me?

    If you are unsure which type of massage treatment you would benefit from we recommend booking in for an initial consultation. This way our therapist can work with you to tailor a treatment plan that will suit you best.

    How much is a session?

    Prices vary depending on the length of treatment, for a full list of prices please visit our pricing page.

    Can I pay with a card or by cash?

    Of course, we allow for payment in cash & by any cards that are accepted by PayPal UK.

    Can I participate in exercise after the massage?

    Absolutely, generally people feel better when exercising after a massage due to the increased blood flow & activation of the central nervous system, not to mention the improved flexibility.

    I have a gift voucher, can I book online?

    Not yet, our booking system currently is unable to support bookings from vouchers. If you have a voucher, to book in, simply call 01733 293723.

    Will I be refunded if I cancel my session?

    The cost of a treatment is fully refundable if more than 24hrs notice is given to cancel.

    If less than 24hrs notice is given then the cost of the treatment is non-refundable.

    For more information please see our cancellation policy.

    Do you have parking?

    We have ample parking which is free of charge.

    Can I get to you by bus?

    Yes, we are approximately 10-15 minutes walk from the main Queensgate bus stop, there are a number of local bus routes with nearby stops as well.

    How do I get to you?

    Simply enter our address details into your sat nav and you’ll be directed to Stuart House in Peterborough. We have a secure car park that can be entered by buzzing in and providing your name and appointment time at the barrier.